A Mellion Dreams

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Are Melon dreams keeping you awake too?

A Mellion Dreams - an easy melon appetizer inspired by The Greatest Showman!

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‘Cause every night I lie in bed
The brightest colors fill my head
And melon dreams are keeping me awake

So sings the adolescent PT Barnum in the opening scenes of The Greatest Showman – not the first teenage boy kept awake by thoughts of melons, but not every boy grows up to be Hugh Jackman in the space of one melon-themed song!

It’s not “melon”, it’s “million“! – Ed.


Well, anyway… although not (yet) a stage show, The Greatest Showman is the musical biopic of PT Barnum, written as a vehicle for Hugh Jackman with songs by the team behind Broadway smash Dear Evan Hansen. Despite receiving a drubbing from film critics, the film garnered a passionate legion of fans and has become a popular hit on home cinema, with the soundtrack played on loop in many households – especially those with obsessed children! (That the all-star cast also includes Troy from High School Musical is a particular bonus as far as my daughter is concerned!) I must confess that the songs have grown on me, although I’ve yet to watch the film (perhaps out of loyalty to the original Barnum musical that I was lucky to see a pre-Phantom Michael Crawford in in the 1980s).

What’s that got to do with melons? – Ed.

Nothing. I just had some for my lunch today and took a photo – sorry… another holiday blogging post!!

Charentais melons, similar to US cantaloupes, are a fragrant French variety of melon that go particularly well with cured meats – most notably Parma ham.

A Mellion Dreams - an easy melon appetizer inspired by The Greatest Showman!

No recipe required… just slice up a ripe melon and add some cured meats of your choice. Delicious!

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