Life is a Cabernet is written by Georgina, Keith and Angus, who met whilst performing musicals together in the 1990s.

They have decided to combine their mutual love of musical theatre and food into one delicious site. Although we all grew up in the UK, the three of us are currently scattered between New York, Chicago, and London.Life Is A Cabernet: Angus, Georgina and Keith

About Keith: After finishing his world tour in the role of Danny Zuko from Grease (headlining in Aberdeen, Bristol, and Celebration, Florida), Keith settled down to a much more gentle way of life. Happily type-cast in any available parts needing a tuba-playing tap dancer, Keith continues to love musical theatre almost as much as he loves bacon.

Life Is A Cabernet - Keith

About Angus: After studying astro-chemi-physics at Penge University (London, UK), Angus spent his early years developing recipes for a fish roe salad manufacturer. After many failed attempts at trying to avoid being cast in roles that required ridiculous wigs, Angus now devotes his time to discovering which kitchen appliances are best for hiding bottles of clear spirits.Life Is A Cabernet - Angus


About Georgina: A heady mix of gin, googly eyes and sequins, George spent her formative years in one of the world’s leading scientific institutions, although never in any official capacity, where she nurtured her talents for cider and choreography (often together) and a propensity for never knowingly being upstaged. George is a one woman blogging phenomenon and can’t even sneeze over her keyboard without accidentally self-publishing a new book on Yet Another 101 Low Carb Uses For Pipe-Cleaners (available now on Amazon if you click on this affiliate link).Life Is A Cabernet - Georgina


Life Is A Cabernet: Angus, Georgina and Keith

Life Is A Cabernet: Angus, Georgina and Keith