Alexander HamStilton

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What’s your name, man?  Alexander HamStilton.

What's your name, man? Alexander HamStilton. A Hamilton themed snack!

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Hamilton is taking Broadway, nay popular culture, by storm.  Lin Manuel Miranda and the rest of the creative team bring the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton to the stage in the form of a sung-through, Rap Opera.  Tickets for the show on Broadway are insanely difficult to come by, many (including myself) resorting to hopeful participation in the Hamilton Lottery. Thankfully the Broadway Cast Recording gives us a pretty good taste of the audio aspect of the performance – an album which reached number 1 on the Billboard Rap Chart.  Preparations are well underway for a West End production too.

‘Alexander Hamilton’ the musical number opens the show, and the lyrics and musical devices it employs creates great anticipation for what’s to come.  Much like how you must be feeling about this recipe right now.

Well, I think how we got to Alexander HamStilton needs no further explanation – lets gather some ingredients.  Grab yourself some amazing ham – my current favorite is a store-made black peppered ham – do yourself a favor and Say No To This shrink-wrapped mass produced stuff – go for a high quality ham.  You’ll also need some Stilton cheese.  And there you have it the most important ingredients for Alexander HamStilton.  For some, That Would Be Enough, whereas I’m also going to get some Arugula (Rocket, for our UK readers) and a Croissant (I got mine from Choc-O-Pain in Hoboken). But, What Comes Next? I hear you ask… Well Wait For It

Slice open the Croissant.  Place some ham in it.  Place some Stilton in it (crumb or slice, up to you how cheesy you want to get your fingers).  Place some Arugula in it.  Take a Break, stand back and admire your masterpiece.  Go close and breathe in the aroma of Alexander HamStilton for One Last Time before picking it up and having a gorgeous bite.  I promise you will be Satisfied and You’ll Be Back to finish it off, Non-Stop.

What's your name, man? Alexander HamStilton. A Hamilton themed snack!

Alexander HamStilton

Alexander HamStilton


  • Croissant
  • Ham
  • Stilton
  • Arugula/Rocket


  1. Slice Croissant
  2. Slice or Crumb Stilton
  3. Add Ham, Stilton and Arugula/Rocket to Croissant
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