Americano Psycho

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Ever said you could murder a good coffee? Try an Americano Psycho!Americano Psycho! A coffee inspired by the musical American Psycho.

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What? Another coffee still life? Wasn’t the thing with the crocodile enough?

It was an alligator. For See You Latte Alligator. Get it?


And if my co-editor can get away with a post based completely on left-overs, then this is DEFINITELY allowed. At least it’s a fresh cup of coffee….

Feel the burn, Music Flan! So anyway, what’s this about?

I’m so glad you asked. American Psycho is a musical based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel that also inspired the 2000 cult movie of the same name (starring Christian Bale of Newslies fame). Set in Manhattan during the Wall Street boom of the 1980s, the plot revolves around a successful young stock broker, Patrick Bateman, who also happens to be a serial killer. Perfect musical comedy  fodder, you might think.

Doesn’t sound like there will be much jazz handing in this one.

The show premiered in London in 2013 for brief (but sold out) run starring Matt Smith in his first post Doctor Who role. A Broadway production opened in 2016 but was killed off after only 54 performances.

So what’s the connection with coffee?

Patrick Bateman gets really cross if they get his order wrong in Starbucks, maybe? That and we liked the pun. An americano, or café americano to give it its full name, is an espresso coffee with added boiling water.

But is there anything special about this coffee?

So, the “blood” in the photo is actually pomegranate molasses, which is a concentrated juice very similar to my home-made cranberry syrup that I added to an espresso in You Affo-Gotta Get A Gimmick. I was curious is if it would be as good – and, actually,  a half teaspoon of pomegranate molasses stirred into your coffee is very pleasant  (although dripping it off a Sabatier kitchen knife is purely optional!)

Americano Psycho! A coffee inspired by the musical American Psycho.

Coming soon: Mac(chiato) and Maple.


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