And I’m Stollen You I’m Not Going

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…now that you’ve served up some festive German marzipan bread!

And I’m Stollen You I’m Not Going - a fantastic German marzipan bread inspired by the musical Dreamgirls!

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And you… and you… and you…
You’re gonna love me…!

Dreamgirls is the hit 1981 musical that charts the rise of a Supremes-like group, The Dreams, and the impact success has on its members in the sixties and seventies. Despite being an award-winning hit, the show largely faded from the public consciousness until the 2006 movie starring Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Hudson as the Dream’s rival lead singers. The show was recently very successfully revived in London starring Glee’s Amber Riley as Effie White.

Jennifer Hudson’s performance as Effie White in the movie, and her rendition of And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going, earned her an Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Award but also, as a former American Idol finalist, doomed us to endless wannabe stars auditioning on reality TV shows with belted renditions of this song. In the show, as the original line-up of The Dreams starts to implode, Effie defiantly sings of love and future success as her dreams crumble around her.

What she really needed was a cup of tea and a nice slice of stollen. Stollen is a German rich fruity bread that has a generous chunk of marzipan running through the middle and it is, of course, a very popular tea-time treat over the Christmas period.

One of my go-to food-writers when I’m trying something new is Felicity Cloake. She writes a great newspaper column where she compares all sorts of similar recipes and distills the essential features to create a “perfect” recipe for any given dish – thankfully, she also did this for stollen, and the recipe worked like a Dream(girl).


And I’m Stollen You I’m Not Going - a fantastic German marzipan bread inspired by the musical Dreamgirls!

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