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This High School Musical “recipe” needs not one, not two but free slices of bracon, erm, bacon.Bracon Free - a food pun photo inspired by the High School Musical song, Breaking Free!

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Unless you’re a millennial or a tween girl, chances are that Disney’s High School Musical trilogy has passed you by. However, for a whole generation, it is the equivalent to the Grease movie and so more-than-overdue for the Life Is A Cabernet treatment. First broadcast in 2006 on the Disney Channel, the original High School Musical made teen stars of Zac Efron (now a fully-fledged movie star) and Vanessa Hudgens (now, erm… has been in other stuff too, I’m sure). If you’re worried that this has never been performed on stage, then get googling as it HAS (even on ice!) – so there. The sequel was also a made-for-TV movie whereas High School Musical 3: Senior Year hit the big time and was released in cinemas in 2008.

Breaking Free is a duet sung by Danny and Sandy – sorry, Troy and Gabrielle – as an audition for the (you guessed it) high school musical. Actually, it was meant to be Gabrielle’s audition but she bottles it and Troy joins in with her to save the day with them both winning the lead parts despite the auditions having been deliberately scheduled to clash with Troy’s basketball contest and Gabrielle’s academic decathlon by the dastardly brother and sister duo, Sharpay and Ryan [gasp!].

There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach
If we’re frying
Yeah we’re bacon free

This kind of high drama deserves to be paired with an equally elaborate dish and it doesn’t get more fancy than this.

Take some bacon (free, sorry, three slices).

Cook it in a non-stick-to-the-status-quo pan.

Serve with a swoosh of ketchup.

What more did you want? It’s a bacon pun!

Bracon Free - a food pun photo inspired by the High School Musical song, Breaking Free!

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