Cep In Thyme!

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Never need a reason, never need a rhyme, kick your knees up, Cep in Thyme!

Cep in Thyme - a Mary Poppins inspired mushroom side dish recipe!

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Whilst we all wait with great anticipation for Mary Poppins Returns, due to be released on Christmas Day 2018, with an already exciting cast gathering (including Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke), we decided to create another dish inspired by Mary Poppins.

Step In Time is a classic feel-good song and dance number, borrowing heavily on musical devices seen in World War II era songs like knees up mother brown.  In it, Bert leads the chimney sweeps in an uplifting dance, joined by Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael.  Children and adults of all generations enjoy this number, so just throw away your inhibitions and join in!

Cep is a Gascon term, for which Porcini is the Italian, or if you are exercising your latin skills, Boletus Edulis.  Or if you prefer just, yummy mushrooms!  Now our Cep In Thyme dish definitely has ceps in it, but you can never have enough different yummy mushrooms, so I also put in some portabellini and oyster mushrooms for good measure.  It’s really a very simple side dish which goes with so many things, but also great to serve as a tapas!  Ceps can be expensive (but they taste SO good, so definitely nice for a treat), but you can usually get dried ceps/porcini from most good grocery stores.

Clean and slice up as many mushrooms as you want.  For dried mushrooms, follow instructions on the packet, but typically they will suggest you boil some water, then soak the mushrooms in a bowl for 20 minutes or so.  Retrieve the mushrooms from the bowl but don’t throw away the water!  It’s great to reduce and use as a vegetable stock.

Anyway back to the recipe…  Put some butter in a frying pan, and as it warms, throw in said mushrooms.  Tear off some small bits of thyme from a couple of sprigs into the pan, and add some seasoning to taste.  Give the mushrooms a little time to sweat off, then serve them up!

Cep in Thyme - a Mary Poppins inspired mushroom side dish recipe!

Cep In Thyme

Cep In Thyme


  • Large knob of butter
  • Oil
  • Ceps/Porcini - dried is fine
  • Other mushrooms
  • Few sprigs of thyme
  • Salt and black pepper


  1. Clean and slice the mushrooms. If using dried mushrooms, boil water, soak mushrooms in a bowl for 20 mins (or as instructed). Remove mushrooms from the bowl then slice.
  2. Add butter to a hot frying pan, then add the mushrooms. Tear off bits of thyme and add them to the mushrooms.
  3. Sweat off the mushrooms, and add extra butter or oil if required. Season to taste, then serve.
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