Grease Themed Party

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Are you planning a Grease themed party? Head back to the rocking 50s with us for some great music, cool costumes, and awesome recipes!

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The classic movie Grease, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, was released in 1978. Since then, it has been a firm favorite for many people. The musical adapts well for stage productions, especially for high schools and colleges. In fact you can see a photo from a production on our About page from when our very own Keith played the role of Danny Zuko! So if you’re planning a party with a fun Grease theme, here is everything that you will need!

Let’s make sure you have the perfect background music, starting with of course the original soundtrack from the movie. I also like the original Broadway cast album from 1988, which features a few different songs from the movie version.

So what you are and your guests are going to eat at the party? It probably depends on whether you’re having a sit-down meal or going buffet style, but here are a TON of recipes for you to consider!

Appetizers / Buffet table food

There Are Wurst Things I Could FondueWurst Things I Could Fondue

You’re The One That I Wonton (coming soon!)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Parsley Queen

Corn to Hand Chive  (coming soon!)



Look At Me, Lasagna Dee

You’re The One Za’atar WantYou're The One Za'atar Want

I’ve Got Chilli…. It’s Multiplying

Greased Lentils  (coming soon!)



Beauty School DropSconesBeauty School Drop Scones

Semi-Freddo My Love

Summer Nights Pudding

Rydell Pie Song  (coming soon!)

It’s Raining on Plum Night  (coming soon!)



Whey Go Together (OK, it’s not exactly party food, but worth including for completeness!)

Stranded at the Dry Wine  (coming soon!)


Oh, and when I work out which categories Hopelessly Devoted to Cashew and  Abalone at the Chive-In Smoothie need to be in  – I’ll add them to the above list!


And what about costumes for your Grease themed party? And decor?!? Pink Ladies’ jackets are essential, and you can get some from Amazon, complete with optional scarf, glasses, and rhinestone upgrades! Fancy yourself as Sandy in the final scene? You’ll need some of those spray-on leggings! If you’re a guy you’ll need a white t-shirt, jeans, and a black leather jacket – but complete the look with a wig!! Unless you are planning to be the high school nerd… And if you’re not sure if you can get your guests to come in costume, get new friends make sure you have these 50s photo props!

Wherever you’re hosting the party, you’ll need to make it part of the theme. Clearly you wouldn’t want to be without this pink convertible prop, for starters!

These plastic clings will attach to walls or windows, and are perfect for that malt shop look! Try hanging these string decorations from the ceiling, or tape a huge poster of your favorite couple to the wall!

So now you have everything you need to make your Grease themed party a success. Tell us about it, stud!

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