Grilled Ch-Easy Street

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Cheesy street…. Cheeeeeeesy street… (Rooster not included)Grilled Ch-Easy Street - a grilled cheese sandwich inspired by the musical Annie!

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Easy Street is one of my favourite numbers in Annie – and check out this version from the 1982 movie to see why, with Bernadette Peters, Carole Burnett and Tim Curry in hilarious action (Kathy Bates, Alan Cumming, Kristin Chenoweth from the 1999 version don’t quite match up, despite the great casting – and let’s not even mention the 2014 film version as I’m really not sure what’s going on here). In the show, Miss Hannigan, her nefarious brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily St Regis, come up with a plan to trick Daddy Warbucks into believing Rooster and Lily are Annie’s real parents and receive a handsome reward as well as Annie. You can read more about the show in It’s A Hard Gnocchi Life! and The Bun Will Come Out, Tomato.

It’s fair to say that Annie contains more than its fair share of cheese and I could think of no better tribute than a nice gooey grilled cheese (or toasted cheese sandwich as we like to say back in Blighty). For my filling, I used brie, ham and a red-onion marmalade – but you can pick whatever filling you like, just make sure it’s cheese that melts well!

Toast your bread a little on one side to crisp it up a little, then, on one of the toasted sides of the bread, start layering your filling, finishing off with another slice of bread, with the untoasted side outermost. Butter both sides of the sandwich, and place in a heated non-stick pan over a medium heat. Cook until the cheese has melted to the required amount (a couple of minutes on each side will do). Where does that put us?

I’ll give you one guess…


Cheesy street
Cheesy street
Melting is the key
Yes sirree
Yes sirree….

Grilled Ch-Easy Street - a grilled cheese sandwich inspired by the musical Annie!

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