Ham Yankees

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Yankees win again today! Those ham Yankees! Why can’t we eat ’em?

Ham Yankees - inspired by the musical Damn Yankees

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Damn Yankees opened on Broadway in 1955 and was followed by a movie version released in 1958. The musical is set in Washington, DC in the 1950s, and reflects upon the time where the New York Yankees dominated the baseball scene.  In the opening number – Six Month Out of Every Year – the men sing:

Strike three
Ball four
Walk a run’ll tie the score
Fly ball
Double play
Yankees win again today
Those damn Yankees
Why can’t we beat ’em?
He’s put, he’s safe, he’s out, he’s safe, he’s out, he’s safe, he’s out

The women generally have a different view on the baseball obsession of their menfolk – but THAT’S another story!

To celebrate this sporty musical we decided to make damn yankees into ham yankees! Because that’s just the kind of thing we do.

And, if you’re wondering why it looks like we’ve painted a large round ham steak with sour cream so that it vaguely resembles a baseball in reverse – then you get a gold star! Because that’s exactly what we have done.

It’s not really a recipe. And we’re OK with that.

Ham Yankees - inspired by the musical Damn Yankees

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