I Have BaConfidence

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I have baconfidence in baconfidence alone! Besides, which you see, I have baconfidence in meat!

I Have BaConfidence! A tasty BLTA recipe inspired by The Sound of Music!

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I Have Confidence is a song from the classic movie musical The Sound of Music. We’ve mentioned the show before in our How Do You Solve A Problem Like Marinara recipe, and most people have heard of the musical, even if they haven’t all seen it (naming no names). At this point we would usually reel out a whole list of names of other artists who have covered the song. But as there appears to be no known version by the Muppets, Alvin and the Chipmunks OR Frank Sinatra, I’m not sure you’ll find the list of any interest. We’ll make up for it when we punnify The Lonely Goatherd, don’t you worry.

In case you didn’t know, The Sound of Music started as the memoirs of Maria Von Trapp, which was subsequently turned into a German film, which converted to an American stage musical, that then got adapted into the popular movie version nearly all of us know (which was when I Have Confidence was added by Richard Rogers). Following me so far? Anyway, it’s sung by Maria. But that bit you probably knew already.

I have confidence,
The world can all be mine!
They’ll have to agree
I have confidence in me.

So I’m baconfident that you’re going to love this version of a BLTA*. It just happens to be low carb, gluten free, and SUPER tasty! It’s easy to put together if you’re eating on your own, although as you’re using only half an avocado per person and you have a friend that wants one too, they’ll appreciate it! Or, if you’re Angus, make two and eat them both.

Start cooking the bacon (I like thick cut) however you prefer. My current favorite method is on a baking rack set inside a lined cookie sheet, then cooked under the broiler. The rack means that the bacon doesn’t sit in the fat as it cooks.

While that cooks, prepare everything else. Place a large clean romaine leaf on a plate, then add some slices of tomato. Slice half an avocado and place on top of the tomato. When the bacon has cooked, place it on top of the avocado (I like three slices of bacon but you may prefer more or less). Finally, top with a little chipotle mayonnaise. Mine is from a jar but I should remind you about our popular On Mayown recipe, not least because we haven’t mentioned it for a couple of days. If you follow that recipe you could always add some chipotle powder if you fancied to spice things up!

To eat your lunch with baconfidence, roll the lettuce around the contents like a burrito and tuck in. Just make sure that you’re surrounded by old-fashioned curtain fabric while you eat, so that you get the full effect.I Have BaConfidence! A tasty BLTA recipe inspired by The Sound of Music!

Yield: 1

I Have BaConfidence

I Have BaConfidence


  • 2-4 slices cooked bacon
  • 1 large romaine leaf
  • 1 medium tomato, sliced
  • Half an avocado, sliced
  • chipotle mayonnaise


  1. Place the romaine leaf on a plate, then add the tomato slices, avocado, and cooked bacon.
  2. Top with a little chipotle mayonnaise.
  3. To eat, roll everything up in the lettuce leaf and enjoy!

*Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

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