If My Friends Curd See Me Now

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They’d never believe it… if my friends curd see me now! Hi girls it’s me, Cheesity!

If My Friends Curd See Me Now - baked cheese curds inspired by the musical Sweet Charity!

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So I’d like to clear up two questions that may well have been keeping you awake at night. 1. Where was the squeaky cheese in the recent Curd You Use Me post? 2. Surely you three editors have been involved in a show together since the Roman times? Well, the answer to the first question is that “curd” can also mean a fruit curd, like a sweet spread (in this case, rhubarb, but commonly made with lemons), as well as cheese curds. And as for the shows – well yes! Keith and I were both in a production of Sweet Charity within the last millennia, although Angus was relegated to Front of House, and only swanned on stage to give flowers and air kisses. So it is probably overdue for us to feature a recipe from the last production we were in the same theatre for at the same time!

The first production of Sweet Charity opened on Broadway in 1966, and was directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. His wife, Gwen Vernon played the lead role of Charity, although it has since been made famous by Shirley MacLaine in the 1969 movie.

If My Friends Could See Me Now is sung by Charity, who, after a string of bad luck, finds herself in the fancy apartment of movie star Vittorio Vidal.

All I can say is “Wow, just look at these”
Tonight I landed, pow! Right in a pot of cheese
What a set up! Holy cow!
They’d never believe it
If my friends curd see me now!

So these squeaky cheese curds have been made less squeaky by baking them. They’ve also been given a coating of a seasoned Parmesan mixture, because why not make a cheesy thing MORE cheesy?!?

If My Friends Curd See Me Now - baked cheese curds inspired by the musical Sweet Charity!

Confession: I actually made these cheese curds for my other blog – but I always like to get value for money with recipes! So please head on over to StepAwayFromTheCarbs for the full recipe!

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