Look At Me, Lasagna Dee

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Look at me, lasagna dee! Keep your filthy paws off my cheesy sauce…Look At Me, Lasagna Dee - a recipe inspired by the musical Grease!

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What do you mean that’s a bit tenuous. Fongool!

Have we mentioned Grease to you yet? You know, that little known operetta? If you’re unsure, check out Beauty School Drop Scones, You’re The One Za’atar Want, Whey Go Together and There Are Wurst Things I Could Fondue. 

The song Sandra Dee is named after the actress famed for playing teenaged ingenues in the late 1950s. In the show/film it is sung by Rizzo to the Pink Ladies during a sleepover, mocking Sandy’s innocence (and behind her back, too! Tsk!).

And what teen sleepover is complete without a hearty home-made lasagna? (oh no, not tenuous at all – Ed.)

I was not brought up that way.


Lasagna (or Lasagne as we like to say in the UK) is, traditionally, layers of pasta sheets and a ragu sauce topped with a bechamel and baked in the oven.

In all likelihood, you probably have your own recipe for a bolognese sauce or beef ragu and you can use it as a basis of a lasagna (make a massive batch, freeze half and use the rest for this). After taking The Italian Cookery Course (published as Cook Italy in the US) a few years ago, I started using this recipe by Giancarlo Caldesi, which is amazing!

Instead of a bechamel, I make my usual cheese sauce, as described in Mac n Cheese n Maple. To this, melt in a cubed ball of fresh mozzarella.

Grease an oven dish until it has groove and meaning. Add a layer of ragu followed by a layer of pasta sheets (use dry or fresh depending on your preference). Add another two layers of sauce and pasta and top your third layer of pasta with your cheese sauce. Slice up another mozzarella ball and distribute over the top of the lasagna along with a grating of whatever hard cheese you’re using (I tend to use cheddar, but Parmesan would be the traditional thing to use!).

Bake in the oven for as long as the pasta packet tells you too (probably 30-40 mins).

Serve with a crisp green salad (and NOT,  as so many Brits do, with garlic bread! I mean, why?!!)

With a nice cheesy crust

I’m an object of lust

I’m just Lasagna Dee!

Look At Me, Lasagna Dee - a recipe inspired by the musical Grease!

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