Made in Dagen-Ham’n’Eggs

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Cor, Blimey! It’s a proper East London fry-up, innit!

Made in Dagen-Ham’n’Eggs - and East London breakfast inspired by the musical Made in Dagenham!

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Despite our shared history of performing, Keith is the only member of the Life Is A Cabernet team who still actively treads the boards and will, along with the lovely Mrs Keith, be appearing this week in the Quay Players‘ production of Made In Dagenham. Adapted from the successful British BAFTA-winning film, the show is based on the real-life Ford sewing-machinists equal pay strike of 1968. The musical opened in 2014 starring former Bond-girl Gemma Arterton but, despite a largely positive critical reception, sadly failed to find an audience which, perhaps, wouldn’t be a problem in the current #MeToo era, with gender equality being so topical.

For the benefit of our regular US reader(s), Dagenham is in East London (you know, where everybody talks like Dick Van Dyke does in Mary Poppins) and was the site of a Ford car-manufacturing plant for over 70 years. East London is also, of course, famous for its “greasy spoon” cafés serving all-day cooked breakfasts and so this seemed the perfect excuse for a fry-up – or a Made In Dagen-Ham’n’Eggs (as no-one ever calls it).

This isn’t our first gammon steak post – check out Georgina’s artistic Ham Yankees – and, like that post, you probably don’t need a recipe for ham and eggs!

Snip through the fat of the gammon a few times ahead of cooking as this stops it from curling in the pan. Sear each side of the steak for one minute in a hot frying pan then 3 minutes on each side over a medium heat. In the last 3 minutes add some tomatoes (cut side down) to the pan and mushrooms. Allow the steak to rest while you cook the eggs in the same pan (cooking the eggs around the ham is great for a photo but not so great for dishing up!). Tuck in and, once full, go and campaign for equal pay.

Made in Dagen-Ham’n’Eggs - and East London breakfast inspired by the musical Made in Dagenham!

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