Once More With Filling…

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Anyone fancy a Buffy sandwich?

Once More With Filling… a tribute to Buffy, musical episodes of TV shows, and sandwiches!

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Ah… Buffy… Where have you been for the last 20 years?

Long gone, but never forgotten, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was, how shall I put it…, one of my great obsessions in the late 1990s (if truth be told, one that has never truly waned… although I did throw out my life-size cut out the last time I moved house). Following the disasterous 1992 movie, Buffy was rebooted by creator Joss Whedon five years later as a TV show (back when rebooting was only something you did to Windows95), starring Sarah-Michelle Gellar (sigh) as the titular teen monster-killer, slaughtering her way through seven seasons of vampires and assorted nightmare creatures and typical high-school/teen issues.

Following the critical success of its Season 4 silent movie episode Hush, Buffy took a stab at another genre, the Hollywood musical, with Once More With Feeling (Season 6), reigniting a trend for a musical episode that persists in all sorts of diverse TV series today. It could be argued that this also paved the way for entirely musical shows such as Glee and Smash as well as the recent trend for live TV musical specials. The episode features original songs written by Joss Whedon* with the cast performing their own vocals (the cast included Anthony Head, a former Frank N Furter).

*also check-out his Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog – another cult classic.

Buffy wasn’t the first show to have a musical TV episode; previous obsession Xena, Warrior Princess had two such episodes several years earlier (ah Xena, where have you been for the last 25 years) and there are examples as far back I Love Lucy in 1956. Each show has had to justify why its usually-non-singing cast suddenly burst into song. For Buffy, it was a visiting demon casting a spell that forced all to sing. Xena faced an alternative dimension where songs were the main form of expression. Earlier this year, The Flash combined these two with its effort (and easily justified having a musical episode on the strength of its enviable cast which included several of Glee alumni (Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist and guest Darren Criss) as well as notable musical theatre stars (Godspell and Broadway legend Victor Garber, Rent’s Jesse Martin, Newsies’ Jeremy Jordan and West End star John Barrowman)) and Once Upon A Time also recently used the magic spell plot device. Away from the supernatural excuse, musical hallucinations have been induced by medical issues such as brain injury (in Grey’s Anatomy’s memorable juke-box musical episode), aneurysm (Scrubs (hilarious songs) and Chicago Hope (Mandy Patinkin sings!) or drug/alcohol overdoses (Fringe and Ally McBeal). Some shows have no excuse (Psych, Supernatural) but that didn’t stop them.

How best to celebrate the phenomenon of musical TV episodes – and the great Buffy herself? Sandwiches! (that’s what I was going to say – Ed)

We’ve featured a number of sandwiches and other snacks-with-fillings over the last few months (not that you tend to blog my lunch, or anything… – Ed), so here is a compilation of our favourites for you to enjoy as you sit through all seven seasons of Buffy (I insist!).

Alexander HamStilton – HamiltonAlexander HamStilton

School of Croque – School of RockSchool of Croque

When Velma Steaks The Stand(wich) – ChicagoWhen Velma Steaks The Stand-wich

ReuBAND-STANDwich – BandStand

Reu-Band Stand-wich

Proud of Po’boy – AladdinProud of Po'Boy

Brussels Sprouts and Blue Cheese Sandwich  – Whistle Down The Wind

Whistle Down The Wind

Av’Cado Crush On You – Nice Work If You Can Get ItAv'Cado Crush On You

I Have BaConfidence – The Sound of MusicI Have BaConfidence

Grilled Ch-Easy Street – Annie

Grilled Ch-Easy Street

(Thanks Angus – that was a beautiful tribute… Ed)

Once More With Filling - Buffy

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