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Musical Theatre Themed Recipes

Do you have friends coming over who love particular musical? Treat them to a themed recipe – or two!

42nd Street

Shuffle Off to Buffalo Wings


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

A Fennel Thing Happened On the Way To the Oven

I’m Calm(ond Butter)



Proud of Po’Boy



It’s A Hard Gnocchi Life

The Bun Will Come Out, Tomato

Grilled Ch-Easy Street


Annie Get Your Gun

Anything You Can Dough (I Can Ciabatta)

There’s No Braiseness Like Short Ribness


Anything Goes

I Spa-Ghet-A Kick Out Of You

Anything Goes-berry


Aspects of Love

Pav-Lova Changes Everything


Avenue Q

Avenue Quinoa

My Girlfriend Olives In Canada

There’s A Fine, Fine Bean

Flantasies Come True



reu-BAND STAND-wich


Bat Out Of Hell

Battenberg Out Of Hell

Aspara-dise by the Dashboard Light



Wind Beneath My Wings


Beauty and the Beast

Be Our AsparaGuest


Billy Elliot

He Could Chia Star


Blue Man Group

Blue(berry) Flan Group



Cauli-Most Like Bean In Love


Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story




Mein Herring

Tomorrow Belongs to Meatballs

It Couldn’t Please Me Smore

Life is a Camembert

Two Ladles


Calamity Jane

Calamari Jane


Catch Me If You Can

Cacio If You Can

Butter Outta Cream



Jellocle Cats


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

PeCandy Man



One Night in Spatchcock

Du-Chess Potatoes



Cell Block Mango

Razzle Basil

They Both Reached For The Gin

When Velma Steaks The Stand(wich)

Funny Honey

…and All That Jam


City of Angels

What You Don’t Know About Whipped Cream





Crazy For You

Butternut For Me

Shallot We Dance?

Curd You Use Me?

Caprese For You

PeCan’t Take That Away From Me

Niçoise If You Can Get It


Damn Yankees

Ham Yankees

Ri-Gotta Have Heart


Dirty Dancing

‘Nduja Love Me?


Easter Parade

Easter Pearade



HouMust Love Me


Fiddler on the Roof

If I Were Ost-Rich Man


Five Guys Named Moe

Five Guys Named Mole

Ain’t Nobody Here But This Chicken

Saturday Night Fish Pie

Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t KeBaby


Funny Face

‘S Wonionderful


Girl Crazy

Butternut For Me

Curd You Use Me?



Beauty School Drop Scones

Whey Go Together

There Are Wurst Things I Could Fondue

You’re The One Za’atar Want

Look At Me, Lasagna Dee

Semifreddo, My Love

Summer Nights Pudding

Rock ‘n’ Roll Parsley Queen

I’ve Got Chilli…. It’s Multiplying…


Guys & Dolls

Duck Be A Lady (Tonight)

Sit Down You’re Rocking the Goat

I’ve Never BEAN In Love Before

If I Were A Bell (Pepper)

Ghees and Dals

More I Currant Wish You

Fugue for TinCorns



You Affo-Gotta Get A Gimmick!

Everything’s Coming Up (Marie) Roses



You Can’t Stop The Beet

Good Morning, Barbecue

Cod Mornay, Baltimore



Alexander HamStilton

Take A Break(fast)

Aaron Burrata, Sir

MushRoom Where It Happened

You’ll Be (Hassel)Back



Our Love is Cod


Hello, Dolly

Hello, Cauli


Here’s Love

It’s Beginning To Look SHALLOT Like Christmas


High School Musical

Bracon Free


High Society

Well, Did You Huevos!

Who Wants To Eat A Millionaire (Shortbread)?


Holiday Inn

Holiday Ginn Fizz

Easter Pearade


Honeymoon in Vegas

HoneySpoon in Veggas


Hot Mikado

Swing A Merry Mackerel

Behold The Lord Thigh Executioner


Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ SuPERCHstar



Bubbles, Bagels and Beans

Stranger in PaRadish


Kiss of the Spider Woman

Kiss of the Cider Woman


Kiss Me, Kate

Crisp Me, Kale


Too Darn Hot

Brush Up Your Shrimpspeare


La Cage Aux Folles

Cabbage Aux Folles

I Am What I Lamb


La La Land

La La Lamb


Legally Blonde

Steak It Like A Ham

OmiCod You Guys!


Les Misérables

On Mayown

Master of the Hass


Let It Be

Twist and Sprout


Little Shop of Horrors

Don’t Feed The (Egg)Plants

Sardinely Seymour


Little Women

(Sca)More Zan I Am


Mack and Mabel

I Won’t Send Rosé

Tapas Your Troubles Away


Made in Dagenham

Made in Dagen-Ham’n’Eggs


Mamma Mia

Shank You For The Music

Tikka Chance On Me

The Weiner Takes It All

Velouté Vous

Souper Trouper


Mary Poppins


Chim Chimichurri

Let’s Go Fry A Cake

Cep In Thyme

A Spoonful of Sugar



The Arti-Chokey Chant Dip


Me and My Girl

Blini On A Lamp-Post


Meet Me In St Louis

Have Yourself A Berry Little Christmas


Million Dollar Quartet

See You Latte, Alligator

Melon Dollar Quartet

Great Balls of Fire



Ain’t No Mountain Stroganoff

Shep-Heard It Through The Grapevine


My Fair Lady

Get Me To The Chicken On Thyme

With A Little Bit Of Duck

Chive Grown Acodstomed To Her Plaice


Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812

Nutella, Pear and the Crèpe Cornet of 2017





Nice Work If You Can Get It

Butternut For Me

Av’Cado Crush On You

Niçoise If You Can Get It



I’m Just A Girl Who Carrot Say No

Sprout of My Dreams




Pick a Posset or Two

Scone-sider Yourself

As Long As He Needs Meat


Only The Lonely: Roy Orbison Story

Only The Cannelonely


Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Okra

Point of no ReTurnip


Pirates of Penzance

Away Away, My Heart’s on Fire






Take Me Or Weave Me


Return to the Forbidden Planet

Monster Mash

Great Balls of Fire


Salad Days

We Said We Wouldn’t Leek Bake



School of Rock

Stick It To The (Gingerbread) Man

School of Croque



Biggest Blame Fool


She Loves Me

Twelve Dates to Christmas


Show Boat

Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Massaman

Col’ Flan River


Singin’ In The Rain

You Are My Lucky Star Anise


Song and Dance

Steak That Look Off Your Face


South Pacific

I’m Gonna Mash That Yam Right Out-a My Hair

Salmon ‘Chanted Evening



Always Lick On The Bright Side of Lime


Starlight Express

Starlight Espresso


Strike Up The Band

Av’Cado Crush On You


Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Remoulade


Sweeney Todd

The Paillard of Sweeney Todd


Sweet Charity

If My Friends Curd See Me Now

Sweet CHARity


Swing Time

The Way Yule Log Tonight


Tell Me On A Sunday

Steak That Look Off Your Face


The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
The Bus From Amaretto

Hard Candy Christmas


The Book of Mormon

Turnip Off!


The Commitments

MustTang Salad


The Full Monty

The Fool Monty


The Greatest Showman

A Mellion Dreams


The Hired Man

The Hired Manchego


The Jungle Book

The Béarnaise-cessities


The King And I

I Whistle A Happy Tuna

Shallot We Dance?

The Pump-King and I


The Lion King

The Loin King

The Circle of Loaf

Oh I Just Can’t Wait To Eat Wings


The Music Man

The Music Flan

Ceviche Six Trombones


The Producers

I Wanna Be A ProMousser

SpringRolls for Hitler


The Rocky Horror Show

Planet! Schmanet! Pomegranate!

The Thyme Warp


The Sound of Music

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Marinara?

I Have BaConfidence

The Flounder Music


The Wizard of Oz

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Trout)

We’re Off to Caesar Wizard


The Woman In White

The Woman In White (Wine)


Treasure Girl

Av’Cado Crush On You


We Will Rock You

The Show Must Goan (Fish Curry)

We Are The Champignons

Chorizo Little Thing Cauli-ed Love

I Want To Bake Brie


West Side Story

Gee, Officer Kumquat


Whistle Down The Wind

Whistle Down The Wind


As Long As You’re Mint

One Torte Day

Defying Gravyty


Young Frankenstein

Puttin’ On the Ribz


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