Starlight Espresso

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Starlight Espresso… because coffee tastes better at night. On a train. In rollerboots.Starlight Espresso - coffee inspired by the musical Starlight Express!

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Come on everybody!

Everybody’s doing a brand new dance now.

Come-on Baby! Do the locomotion!

What do you mean that’s not in it?

How about...

People all over the world… join hands!

Start a love train, love train…


Go on then… Wikipedia me…

Ahem. Andrew Lloyd Webber set out to write a musical based on Rev W. Awdry’s charming Railway Series children’s books (that spawned the mind-numbing / delightful-if-you’re-three Thomas The Tank Engine television series, toys, lunch boxes and assorted plastic crap). Having been denied the rights, he shifted the plot of his rock musical to a Cinderella-type story involving toy trains that come to life at night and race to become the Fastest Engine In The World, a title that Rusty the steam engine is unlikely to achieve until inspired by the legend of Starlight Express.

The show was a mainstay of the 1980s theatre scene in London and New York with the spectacle of performers speeding round in rollerboots (or rollerblades in the 90s revival!) pulling in the crowds. The show had been playing continuously in Germany since 1988.

What has this got to do with coffee? 

Erm… yep, you got me. Other than you might need one next time your toddler requests another episode of Thomas.

Oh – and check out You Affogato Get A Gimmick if you’re after an actual recipe involving an espresso!

Starlight Espresso - coffee inspired by the musical Starlight Express!

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