There Are Wurst Things I Could Fondue

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There are wurst things I could fondue, I will eat a Brat or two…

There Are Wurst Things I Could Fondue - A Grease-inspired bratwurst fondue!

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There Are Worse Things I Could Do, the classic bad-girl-with-a-good-heart song from Grease has inspired this delightful fondue meal! Sung by Stockard Channing in the movie version, it shows that Rizzo actually is all just talk and actually has soft ooey gooey side to her. And what’s more ooey gooey than Swiss cheese fondue?!?

Now of course you *could* make your own fondue, but we all know that if you had all the time in the world to cook you’d *actually* be making our Super-Cauli-Flageo-Listic-Eggs-Pea-Aloo-Docious! recipe! So let’s keep things simple. You’re going to need a fondue pot (this simple white ceramic set works well and includes four forks).

Next, just BUY yourself some fondue cheese. The cheese I used contains white wine and Kirsch brandy, and it really makes the difference! Just simply heat it up according to the pack instructions, and pour it into your fondue bowl (alternatively, if your fondue bowl is microwave-proof – you can make it even quicker).

Lastly, you’ll need something to dip into your cheese fondue. I used Klement’s smoked bratwurst but you could also use regular bratwurst, cheddar bratwurst, or any other kind of cooked sausage. And if you feel you need something OTHER than sausage (odd idea, I realize, but hear me out), you could also try cherry tomatoes, cubes of crusty bread, mushrooms, cooked meat, boiled baby potatoes, broccoli, and more!

There Are Wurst Things I Could Fondue - A Grease-inspired bratwurst fondue!

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