Who Wants To Eat A Millionaire (Shortbread)?

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Who wants to eat a millionaire (shortbread)? I do!
Who Wants To Eat A Millionaire (Shortbread)? A decadent treat inspired by the musical High Society!


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In addition to being a history of a famous brand of cream cheese, The Philadelphia Story is a 1939 comic play whose leading lady, Katharine Hepburn, also starred in the 1940 MGM film (along with Cary Grant and James Stewart). It tells the story of a socialite, Tracy Lord, whose wedding plans are complicated by the simultaneous arrival of her ex-husband and a dashing tabloid journalist.

In 1956, MGM adapted the story into a film musical, High Society, starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly (in her final film and only role in a musical) and Frank Sinatra (with Louis Armstrong cameoing), and music and lyrics by Cole Porter. It took a further 40 years for the film to be adapted into a stage production on Broadway in 1998, incorporating songs from the film as well as from other Cole Porter musicals. West End versions followed including a 2015 revival directed by musical theatre legend Maria Friedman at the Old Vic (which I saw!)

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is sung by two tabloid journalists who infiltrate the wedding celebrations and mock the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Our more cannibalistic version, Who Wants To Eat A Millionaire (Shortbread) takes a classic millionaire shortbread and drives it to such excess that it may well run for president in 2020.

I can’t claim this recipe as my own and, once again, have referred to Felicity Cloake’s excellent column – and when a recipe is this good, why change it?! OK, maybe I’ve added a couple of extra touches: chocolate chips in the shortbread, popping candy in the (now salted) caramel and plenty of gold decorations – but it’s essentially the same recipe.Who Wants To Eat A Millionaire (Shortbread)? A decadent treat inspired by the musical High Society!

Follow the instructions as per the column. Prior to baking the shortbread base, scatter the chocolate chips over the dough and press in. When making the caramel, add an additional teaspoon of salt if you like it that way – that is plenty, the salty taste is more prominent when the caramel has cooled. Press the popping candy into the caramel before coating in the chocolate (if you add it when the caramel is hot, the candy will dissolve and be wasted!) Decorate with plenty of bling while the chocolate is still molten. Once the chocolate has set, an edible gold spray is great for hiding any flaws in the topping!

Additional ingredients:

Who Wants To Eat A Millionaire (Shortbread)? A decadent treat inspired by the musical High Society!

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