The Woman in White (Wine)

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Relax, chill, and enjoy our version of The Woman In White (Wine).
The Woman In White (Wine) - inspired by the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical!

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The Woman In White, a lesser known Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical, was not one of his most successful. It first opened in the West End in 2004 and ran for 19 months, then opened on Broadway in 2005, running for just 3 months. I actually saw the production in the London, and while the video projections and technology were impressive for the time, I didn’t exactly come out humming the tunes. The show underwent several revisions and even in its short history featured stars such as Michael Crawford, Michael Ball, Maria Friedman, Ruthie Henshall and Simon Callow. But the audiences and critics still weren’t convinced!

Now, I don’t think I’m much of a band-wagon-jumper. However, if my esteemed co-editor thinks he can get away with coffee-and-toy posts, well, then, he can. It’s just that I’m going to join in, but make it a WINE and toy post. Because after all, it reflects the blog name better. That, and I don’t actually drink coffee.

So here we have it, the woman in white wine – a crisp sauvignon blanc, if you’re interested.

The Woman In White (Wine) - inspired by the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical!

Doesn’t she look chilled?!? (Per-dum-ching)

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