You’ll Be (Hassel)Back

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And I’ll send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love… of creamy potato gratin.You’ll be (Hassel)Back - a potato side dish recipe inspired by the musical Hamilton!

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Da-dada da daaaaaa!
Da-dadada dayada
Dada da da dayada…

Oh, sorry… didn’t realise anyone was reading this. Now, where was I?

Hamilton has finally opened in London and so it is high time to revisit the show with some new puns… (check out HamStilton, Aaron Burrata, Sir amongst others…). You’ll Be Back is sung by King George III (originally played by Jonathan Groff of Glee and Frozen fame) in response to the Declaration of Independence, promising armed retaliation (with a very catchy chorus – the most “musical-y” number in the show).

You’ll be (hassel)back
Time will tell
You’ll remember that I served you well

I thought it appropriate to celebrate the greatest export from the Americas since the potato with, erm, some potatoes! Hassleback potatoes are potatoes that are sliced nearly all the way through but left whole at the base and roasted. This recipe, however, is hasselback potato gratin… (essentially, a dauphinois gratin on its side) and I’ve been wanting an excuse to make Kenji Lopez-Alt’s recipe from Serious Eats, and New Year’s Eve was the perfect opportunity… and it was AMAZING! Make this and eat, preferably wearing a crown and ermine robe whilst threatening the annihilation of your revolting subjects.

All together now…

Oceans Rise…
Empires Fall…

You’ll be (Hassel)Back - a potato side dish recipe inspired by the musical Hamilton!

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